Virtual Paralegal Service

What We Do

First Paralegal is a California-based freelance paralegal service with experience in matters involving civil litigation, real estate, contracts and agreement, business entities, personal injury, trademark protection, medical record review, and legal research.

We are committed to maintaining the utmost level of confidentiality to ensure our working relationship is confidential, professional, and ethical for both you, your law firm and the clients you represent.

We are committed to providing virtual paralegal services which highlight: 

paralegal service

Our mission is to provide valued services and produce results while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ethical standards.

Understanding The Workflow

Paralegal service for law firms

Step 1

Client sends a notification of a new project requiring paralegal support.

First Paralegal works on your project in a timely manner

Step 2

We confirm receipt of project, requirements, and due date.

First Paralegal completes projects in the allotted timeframe

Step 3

We complete submitted project within the allotted timeframe.

First Paralegal reviews and completes all projects

Step 4

Reviews are conducted through the project until completion.

Tasks We Perform

We are experienced and competent, offering high-quality, professional paralegal services to attorneys exclusively that will provide your law firm with fully integrated and cost-effective services that include but are not limited to:
freelance paralegal services for attorneys

By utilizing our virtual paralegal services, you can delegate tasks that cause you stress, tackle your priorities efficiently and spend more time doing the work you were meant to do as a lawyer.

Increase Your Caseload Without Increasing Your Workload

When hiring First Paralegal for your firm’s paralegal needs, many of your employee costs are reduced or eliminated, such as taxes, benefits, insurance, and on-site space and equipment. We are only paid for the hours we’re needed and can be a great additional help during large cases or times of growth.
We give paralegal support for small law firms
Great for a small firm that can’t justify hiring someone on a full-time basis.
Hire First Paralegal for your paralegal needs
Our substantive legal work can be billed to the client just as attorney time would be.

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