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Your Firm Is Our First Priority!

First Paralegal is committed to offering exceptional virtual paralegal services to licensed attorneys and law firms. We understand that providing a high-quality, reliable, and timely work product for your clients is crucial for your practice.

If you are looking for additional support and a professional paralegal who is able to work independently, First Paralegal is the perfect solution! From highly organized back office management to comprehensive case development, we offer legal support services so that you can focus on substantive work without incurring the time and costs of recruiting legal support staff.

Enjoy the benefits of having experienced on-demand legal assistance when you need it. Contact us today to discuss how First Paralegal can help your firm with our virtual paralegal services that fits your needs. 

First Paralegal virtual paralegal service

Increase Your Caseload Without Increasing Your Workload

When hiring First Paralegal for your firm’s paralegal needs, many of your employee costs are reduced or eliminated, such as taxes, benefits, insurance, and on-site space and equipment. We are only paid for the hours we’re needed and can be a great additional help during large cases or times of growth.
We give paralegal support for small law firms
Great for a small firm that can’t justify hiring someone on a full-time basis.
Hire First Paralegal for your paralegal needs
Our substantive legal work can be billed to the client just as attorney time would be.

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