Frequently Asked Questions

We offer virtual paralegal services to attorneys only. We do not serve the general public.
We offer an hourly rate for paralegal tasks. Time is billed to the nearest 6-minute increment, and the minimum charge for any project or aspect of a project is 0.2 hours. Any expenses or costs incurred for a project are approved by you in advance and itemized separately. Routine office supplies are the responsibility of First Paralegal and are not billed to attorney clients.
We can communicate with you by any means you prefer, whether via email, telephone, or web conferencing. Documents can be exchanged via email, fax, or via secure cloud-based document sharing platforms.
A detailed invoice is issued on the 1st and 15th of each month by email. Payment is accepted by ACH bank transfer or credit card and is due upon receipt.
Yes. Just as your clients are required to sign work agreements with your firm, all of our attorneys must sign work agreements with us.
We take your client confidentiality very seriously and we have implemented numerous procedures to protect your work product and client information. Our emails are thoroughly encrypted at rest and in transit and all documents are temporarily stored on a AES 256-bit encrypted cloud storage.


If you need an answer not listed don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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